BBC: Whine Whine Whine

Good evening my sour faced little Englander friends. This morning Billothewisp had a nasty scare while driving to work. Just after I had turned on the radio, there was an awful whining noise. It modulated up and down. It would stop for a short while only to restart shortly later.

Cambelt shredded?
Breaks binding?

Perplexed I turned off the radio to try and identify the problem. But immediately I did this the noise stopped.

Puzzled, I turned the radio back on. There it was again!

Finally I realised this intermittent whinnying and whining was not my trusty Ford but a gaggle of overpaid and over fed BBC presenters moaning about they would have to suffer the indignity of reduced claret and caviare rations as the licence fee has been frozen.

Further more, they complained that the BBC would actually have to pay for the foreign broadcasting service. Funny that. I thought that sort of thing was what the licence fee was for. But never mind.

So what exactly was this collection of financially replete individuals whinging about? Evidently the BBC has been “bullied” into the freezing of an over-priced licence fee which could result in a real terms reduction of 16% (essentially due to inflation) over five years.

Hardly compares to what the lads at Redcar have had to put up with does it?
Or the Harrier pilots shortly to be given their P45's for that matter.

But personally Billothewisp was rather shocked at this attack on the BBC. If Billothewisp had been in charge I would guarantee that this freezing of the licence fee simply would not have happened.

Instead Billothewisp would have abolished the licence fee completely. The BBC would be financed directly by the treasury who would, one would hope, demand a level of financial rigour the BBC is blatantly unaware of.

Actually I would also probably also cut their budget by 40%, but that is just me and my nasty streak.

The arcane days of unaccountable gravy trains being able to raise their own particular poll tax should be over.

But OH my God can you think of the amount of whining that would raise?

We would all need ear defenders.

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