Packaging Quango – Wrapped up

Our coalition chums have axed 177 Quangos.

There are those who will regard this as a tragedy.

But most of us will regard it as a bloody good start.

There are believe it or not about another 800 to go. Go through the list it makes interesting reading. See Telegraph Here

Seriously. Look at some of them. Google them. Find the inevitable highly expensive web site. Try and figure out what they actually did. Push your way through the fine sounding words and actually look for what they really did for the millions upon billions spent of them and their ilk.

I came to the following conclusion:

For the last ten years, somebody has been having a laugh.

Talking about a laugh, I hear Ed Miliband is the new labour leader. He may not be quite such a pompous lunatic as his alma mater (Tony Benn) but there are disturbing similarities. We can only hope that the foaming left wing rabies may not have fully infected the new potential leader in-waiting.

Otherwise we may all end up with a seriously unfunny political catastophe.

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Dioclese said...

As far as I can see, the only tradegy in axing 177 quangos is that they were about 800 too few!