Parliament Votes to Abolish Wind Farm Subsidies

A Ten Minute Rule bill introduced by MP Nigel Adams to abolish subsidies to on-shore wind farms was passed by a small majority today in the UK Parliament. This means that the bill will go forward to a second reading on the 6th March. ( See This Link )

The turn out for this vote was small with 67 supporting it and 65 opposing.

Where were the other 480 or so MPs? 

Your guess is as good as mine. 

But due to the nature of the bill I expect most of them decided that cowardice was the better part of valor.

While it would be very good news if this bill made it into law, at this stage this Ten Minute Rule bill is non binding. Ten Minute Rule bills are usually used to test the political water.

From the lack of the attendance at this debate, it appears the political water surrounding unpopular wind turbine subsidies is very, very cold.  

Hopefully though, the wind turbine Carpet Baggers will get the message Loud and Clear.

It is going to be abolition of subsidies first. 

Then we start talking about compensation for those so badly affected by these useless follies.

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Dan said...

To be honest, the first step is to drop the contracts which state that the energy companies MUST buy power from the turbines or else pay compensation. Wind turbine operators must be subject to the laws of supply and demand like everyone else is.

Once you do that, and once you reduce the amount paid to wind turbine outfits to the market price for power, then you will see the turbines rapidly become uneconomic, to the point that the companies may have to be forced to dismantle and clean up after themselves.

Alternatively, pointing out to the various Romanian metal thieves that wind turbines have a lot of very valuable metals in them ought to see the back of the things in extremely short order.