Vote Independent for Police Commissioner

You may or may not agree with the elections for police commissioner. BUT if you don't get out and vote for the independent candidates on Thursday you can guarantee that one of the puppets put up one of the three  main political parties will take the role. If that happens don't expect the the good of the locality to come before petty political considerations.

If a politico gets in, lots of nasty little agendas will be addressed at the expense of the community. The role of police commissioner will become one of either vacuous apologist or mindless opponent to government policy. The actual purpose of the role will come a very poor second to the imposed political agenda.

The only positive would be that you will know who is pulling the strings as local policing suffers in order to accommodate the ambitions of the apparatchik.

I have just listened to the four candidates from Dorset on the local radio. Except for the Independent candidate ( ex senior police officer Martyn Underhill ) the candidates sounded like they straight off the  Muppet show.

All three politically sponsored candidates were obviously and painfully politically ambitious. Two of them displayed a nastiness which would bode ill for any role demanding a level of diplomacy.

So like it or not, tomorrow is IS important. Unless you get out and stop the political parties imposing their ideology on your local policing, you will be sorry.

So go out and show two fingers to the dirty politicians - and their grubby little poodles.

Vote Independent.

If like me, you are in Dorset, that means:

Vote Martyn Underhill.


Dioclese said...

Of course, the candidates were not given the one off free mail shot that every candidate gets in a parliamentary election. Why not?

They stuck a completely useless piece of paper through the door telling me sod all about the election - so how difficult would it have been to print a summary of the candidates for your area on one side? I appreciate that would have meant a bit of extra set up cost and more, smaller print runs but that would have been minimal and would have been a damn sight more useful than the bin fodder they actually sent round.

BilloTheWisp said...

Couldn't agree more Dioclese.

Round here we have had leaflets, but only from the main parties - they can afford it. This whole thing is being biased to give the politico's ever more power.

They really, really, Really do not want independents elected. So....

Vote Independent on Thurs!!