BBC Whitewash: Matt or Gloss?

Dear Reader,

Tonight I am going to perform the magical feat of reviewing the BBC Savile documentary before it has even been broadcast. Why? It is on late and I have to go to work tomorrow!

Even so, am I jumping the gun? Being a little premature maybe?

Well, not as premature as this so called Panorama expose.

After all is this not all part of a C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L investigation?

It appears not. At least as far as this documentary is concerned.

This late night Panorama program cynically ensures the BBC can beat it's chest about Savile, without breaking the criminal investigation embargo. It concentrates on a side issue, the pulling of an earlier documentary about Savile. It is being broadcast late on, just as many people are going to bed so minimising the audience.

It is difficult to see this forthcoming Panorama broadcast can be anything other than a clever damage limitation exercise. The documentary can try and draw a little of the poison from the Savile affair and also get  pro BBC propaganda out even while the criminal investigation continues.

Here we have the BBC earnestly investigating the BBC. Then carefully orchestrating how and what is revealed.

No doubt there will be some tut tutting about a little corporate naughtiness, then they will grandly announce that there is nothing really rotten at the dear old auntie Beeb.

You know: Practices have been amended, lessons learned, staff re-trained etc. etc. Ra.. Ra.. Ra..

Of course it is likely that Savile was only the tip of the iceberg. Consequently  I expect email and data backups relating to other potential abusers are currently having a "deep clean" at dear old Beeb.

To me, it is difficult to see anything other than that the crimes of Savile were actively aided and abetted by BBC production and contract staff.  They must have known what went on. It was after all, done under their noses. It also appears to have been common knowledge in the BBC.

But still they rehired him. Again and again. Then quietly let it go on some more. For thirty years.

I am not a lawyer, but to me that sounds like a large number of BBC employees may be potentially "Accessories After The Fact" ( Wikipedia Here ) and possibly complicit in the crimes of Savile and others.

I would also expect that this superior "couldn't give a damn" attitude extended right to the top.

Simply, the BBC ruling elite just didn't care. Why should they?

The BBC regards itself as above the law. Normal rules that apply to the rest of us are suspended for the BBC. In many ways the BBC is a state within a state. Or at least as ruthlessly self centred as any large predatory corporation.

The BBC can and has broken governments. It has it's own poll tax. It is immune from competition and has a guaranteed multi billion income. So why should it care about some young girls, especially when some of their "stars" find them so enticing?

The BBC regulates what you see, like this documentary tonight. You would be naive to expect the truth.

Anyway later on, for those who can keep their eyes open, we will see how right or wrong I am.

Just one final thought:

We have all been appalled by the disgusting antics in News Corporation, but really for every criminal in News Corp it looks like the BBC probably has ten.

Will we be seeing any of them in court soon?

Dream on.

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