St Mabena and the Beast

St Mabena and the Beast  

Stands tall Mabena`s proud church tower
Presiding o`er the village hours.
Congregation`s songs of praise,
Peals of bells its rafters raise.
Within its walls the history kept,
Births and Christenings, Marriage, Deaths.

Cross brooding, mystical, untamed Moor.
From Camel`s mouth and far from shore,
Trusted landmark, welcome beacon
Guiding those safe haven seeking.
Though now it seems in future time
You`ll bow to a cash cow wind turbine.
So bid your Parish congregation
Say NO to this Beast`s application.
(A poem by Derek Sturch)

Reproduced from the St Mabyn Village News

Good luck to the people of St Mabyn in their gallant fight against this travesty.

love and kisses

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