If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next

The obscene and depraved actions of a section of the immigrant community in Rochdale, who have been involved in gang raping vulnerable children has disgusted and appalled just about everybody in the land whatever their background.  I'm not going to address the  leniency of their sentences, but Thoughts Of John does a good job about that HERE.

But what I want to address now is the apparent craven appeasemnet to the self righteous god of political correctness that prevented this obscenity from being stopped in its tracks way back in 2002. (yes .. ten years ago) see Guardian Here and Telegraph Here

It would appear that from 2002 to today, the authorities have been less concerned about the abduction, rape and brutalisation of vulnerable children than they were about offending the harridan demands of a group of immigrants who have no wish or intent of adopting the basic moral concepts that epitomise this group of countries known as the UK.

I am not particularly religious, but one outstanding image from Christiantity is how Pontius Pilate washed his hands and so betrayed an innocent man rather than offend the political correctness of his day.

It would appear that today we have many Pontius Pilates, all willing to betray the innocent to appease the harridan cries from the persecutors.

This gangrenous boil must be lanced.
This must involve a public enquiry.

This inquiry must apportion blame where it is due, especially to those who were in high office and washed their hands for political expediency - or to meet a hidden agenda. The guilty are not only the rapists. But also includes those who when in government, for political expediency, have turned a blind eye and so aided and abetted these crimes.

In 1936 a Spanish Republican Civl war poster raged against crimes against children.

The bye line to this poster was later made famous by the great Welsh Rock band "The Manic Street Preachers"

The byeline was (of course)

"If You Tolerate this, Your children will be next".

Well, In Rochdale, it looks like it was tolerated.

And yes.

Our children, our poor vulnerable children in Rochdale, were next.


Durotrigan said...

The official reluctance to acknowledge the existence of this repellent phenomenon may be rooted in PC thought and attitudes generally, but in the consequences of the Macpherson Report specifically. The Macpherson Report needs to be identified as the root cause of this injustice, for it has facilitated the systematic sexual abuse and torture of white English children by sections of the Muslim resident population. This is hardly the first case after all, for there have been many others of this nature in Keighley, Rotherham, Derby, Blackpool, Blackburn, Oldham, Bradford and elsewhere.

Mohammed is deemed to be beyond criticism and is held up by Muslims as the eternal paragon of humanity. Given that his favourite wife Ayesha was only six when he married her and nine when the marriage was consummated, might this not go a long way to explaining why these Muslim criminals view their behaviour as being perfectly 'acceptable'?

BilloTheWisp said...

Hi Durotrigan,
Thanks for the comment.
(Just a little background in case readers don't know) The Macpherson report was the report into the murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence.
Stephen was, like the children in Rochdale, a victim of a racially motivated crime. In his case he was stabbed to death for no apparent reason other than that he was black. Bearing in mind though how badly managed the Stephen Lawrence enquiry was, and how inflammatory the accusations were, a public enquiry was demanded. Unfortunately, manipulated by the government for their own ends, it turned into a media circus. The fact that Stephen Lawrence was simply a law abiding young lad waiting at a bus stop when he was stabbed got lost in all the hand wringing and navel gazing.

The children in Rochdale are victims of racial bigotry just as Stephen Lawrence was. In both cases the authorities appeared to back away from the perpetrators, leaving them to get away with rape and murder. In both cases the victims were treated as worthless. To suggest that there was no racial element in the rape and brutalisation of these girls (as some politicos have done)is both fatuous and contemptable.

If there was need for a public enquiry into the Stephen Lawrence murder (and most would agree there was) then also we need to have a public enquiry into this outrage in Rochdale.

As for Islam. The rules of the 13th century regarding marriage are just that - the rules of the 13th century. To be fair to Islam, the hideously young age at which girls were married off occurred in Christian Europe as well.

Medievel practices are for medievel times and medievel states. They have no place or justification in a modern democratic society.

Anonymous said...
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